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Nail Wheel left- right// L’Oreal Sequin Explosion, GOSH Frosted Purple, Azature Black Diamond, L’oreal Black Diamond, Bourjois Dangerous Wish, Ciate Love Letter.


We saw it on the catwalks and now we’re seeing it well- everywhere. Where cool girls used to rock black, then neon, then nude, then navy in the Autumn/Winter months, this year things are getting a little jazzier. It’s all about the glitter polish- something that has serious bazazz and sparkle and can instantly dress up you’re all black everything gettup. Some people wont quite understand this trend, ‘they’ (cough cough my boyfriend cough) may think that you’re either regressing to the beauty rituals of a 5 year old or are perhaps an extra on TOWIE, but ‘they’ simply just don’t understand the levels of coolness.

My top picks for glittery polishes are as follows:

For the understated: Opt for something transparent and glossy to layer on top of your polish, I really like Azature Black Diamond (with literal black diamond particles inside- fancy huh?) to add a subtle glisten. For a cheaper alternative *L’oreal Paris Black Diamond (same name- this is awkward) gives a similar effect but with a more opaque and intense finish- think slick charcoal grey- but sparkly obvs.

For the look at me: Glitter simply isn’t enough- you need coloured glitter. My personal favourite is the *L’oreal Paris Sequin Explosion. It’s fun, colourful, yet the colours oddly go with absolutely any and every outfit. Wear two coats for full on full coverage sequin/glittery talons, or just (as I do) paint the tips of your nails for DIY nail art cool. Similarly, Bourjois Dangerous Wish 1 Second Gel Effect leaves an opaque coat of black and gold glitter- ideal for Halloween. For a little more sophisticated but still eye catching look try GOSH Frosted Purple.

For the princesses at heart: You know who you are (and yes I’m one of you) we can all rejoice that glittery polishes are back in Vogue and really let the fun begin. *Ciate Love Letter have a number of gorgeous coloured glitter to add a hint of Disney to your look- I particularly love this cherry/peachy hybrid with big and little chunks of glitter to give a real DIY effect. 

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