The Post Party Beauty SOS


After a three day wedding weekend my skin, hair and well everything felt a little bedraggled and worse for wear. I thought I’d share my top tips to getting back and beyond, in fact so beyond that I aim for Miranda Kerr levels of glossy healthiness. So- feeling rough? Want to look and feel better faster? Here are my top tips…


  1. Dedicate a day to a makeup free zone- if you work full time this bit isn’t easy, but you can help your skin by taking your makeup off the  minute you get home from work as opposed to doing so before bed as Caroline explains here.
  2. Hair masks- hair that has been abused with too many blow dries/curling wands and god knows how much drying hair spray (alcohol is a top ingredient) needs a good chill out. I like to use Philip Kingsley Elasticizer overnight to wakeup to absolutely silky and beautifully healthy hair.
  3. Use a teeny tiny amount of detoxifying shampoo. I like to mix a tiny about of Phyto Detox Shampoo in with my usual Sulphate free stuff to really rid my hair of excess product build up- leaving it feeling grease free and incredibly light and bouncy.
  4. Face maks- leave a little bit of time in your evening skincare routine to really focus on dull tired skin. I love using Cattier’s brightening mask to get things really glowing. Other great alternatives are REN’s glycolactic radiance renewal or Liz Earle brightening mask.
  5. Eye patches- when all else fails stick a pack of eye pads in the fridge for a few hours and then let the soothing cooling gel de puff your under eyes and leave things feeling fresh again.
  6. Lips that have been subjected to drying lipstick formulas need a little extra TLC. My personal fave for beauty SOS is the Blistex MedPlus.
  7. Treat any problem areas like spots which may have broken out due to lack of sleep or too much alcohol with a strong and effective remedy, my favourite ever spot treatment is the Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel.
  8. Avoid coffee, after the body has been through a lack of sleep or excess alcohol coffee is the last thing you want in your system, it will only make you crash harder and make your body and skin more dehydrated. Instead opt for something cleansing with a small amount of caffeine in it like Green tea.

These will be my top tips for getting through the festive season too, but stay tuned for an updated Christmas Party SOS coming your way in just under 8 weeks!


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