Making Every Minute Count

  To say my life is busy at the moment would be an understatement – I feel the pressure more than ever to be productive every waking moment and at the same time I want… View Post

My Birth Story

  I really wanted to get this written ASAP whilst everything is still so fresh, one of the main reasons I wanted to write this post is also for myself so I can look back… View Post

My Invisalign Journey

  Almost a year ago – last August – whilst on holiday in Mykonos, I used the forward facing camera on my phone to apply my lipstick and was struck by just how unhappy I… View Post

Ace of Base

For me, playing around with face makeup is only truly fun when my skin is behaving, and as •touch wood• it’s been behaving since around November (thank you baby!!) I’ve really been enjoying playing with… View Post

Pregnancy Health & Wellness

Workouts I was nervous with working out in early pregnancy for a few reasons, one of the main ones was the fact that my immune system and levels of energy took a real hit during… View Post