50 Shades of Peachy Beige

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Yesterday was an odd one for me. I managed to sprain my wrist on Monday evening, so I had very little sleep yet had a jam packed day from 9am – 9pm with very little respite. Ambling around London, negotiating tubes and maps with only one hand ain’t easy!

To cheer myself up I opted for light peachy beige tones. My new Topshop Leigh jeans which I’m obsessed with, this old Topshop jumper (similar below) always puts me in a great mood, and then I teamed it with this new crepe trench from Missguided which I think is so chic and will be perfect in warmer weather paired over a little dress. I accessorised with these Zara boots (very Tabitha Simmons), H&M Grey beanie and my trusty Sac De Jour!

It felt like the perfect mix of Wintry and Spring textures and tones and it managed to distract me from my agonising wrist too – which is always a win!



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