Beauty Nostalgia

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Can you remember your first beauty product? Mine was clear mascara from Claire’s Accessories. I was so nervous to ask my mum for makeup, but once I’d plucked up the courage to ask for the mascara, I soon graduated to a full on smokey kohl liner look…at the grand old age of 12! When I was around 13 or 14 my mum bought me some Paul & Joe oil blotting paper, and I cherished the beautiful leather bound packaging, and these magic pieces of what looked like tracing paper. I used them daily and loved how they rid my skin of any gross shininess or oiliness. Fast forward to present day, and once again I’ve fallen for the charms of a prettily packaged oil blotting paper.

The DHC Oil blotting paper may not come in a leather bound case, but they are damn good. One sheet post lunch gets rid of any and all shininess, and my skin stays suitably matte for the rest of the afternoon. No need for cakey powder or anything else. It’s also weirdly satisfying watching the piece of paper collect the oil!




  1. February 25, 2015 / 12:16 am

    SO SATISFYING!!!!! đŸ™‚ I remember my mom had these blotting sheets with powder on them and I would be too scared to use one, but would just take a sniff of their nice powdery comforting scent when she used one.

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