Weekly Lust List

Another week and yet more online drooling to be had. I’m turning my sights towards the chillier months ahead despite the fact that I’m off on holiday in less than a week, with my Summer wardrobe pretty much down, I’m now thinking about transition pieces. I love Autumn style as I feel like you can wear darker and edgier clothes but you don’t necessarily need coats/tights or hats yet, you can pair the perfect body with a pair of dark denim cut offs, ankle boots, dark nails and bare legs. In-between season as I like to call it, from 5th September – 1st November is the best, the weather is usually even better than it is now, my wedding weekend last October (3rd-4th) was upwards of 21 degrees celcius and I didn’t feel the slightest hint of a chill! 

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