The Eyeliner Like No Other



The new Eyeko Sport  Waterproof eyeliner has not left my lids since I first tried it out during a Core Collective training session two weeks ago (except, of course, to sleep). It is without a doubt one of the most amazing eyeliners that I’ve ever come across. A gel formula encased in a pencil, it glides on smoothly and is blacker than any other so-called black liners that so often come out a bit wishy washy. It can withstand a one hour intense workout, being caught in a down pour, sweaty muggy tube rides and a full evening of non stop dancing.

My biggest gripe? The marketing, it should have a more glamorous name as this would be amazing for any future brides, I wish I’d had it over my wedding. Dab it on top of your favourite liner to seal it in and ensure any emotions don’t loosen your makeup or use it as the sole liner, however it doesn’t quite have the finesse of a liquid nib which so artfully create cat eyes. If you want a natural eye makeup look tight line this, if you want an Olsen twin circa 2007 look then go hell for leather and you’ll stay looking sexy Olsen and not sad panda all day/night long. The waterproof mascara whilst also good just simply doesn’t compare to the HG quality of the liner!

To cut this blog post short, you need this in your life.

Eyeko Waterproof Mascar and Eyeliner available now for £25.00 for both.


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