Trilogy Rosehip Oil- The Review.

trilogy rosehip

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is one of those cult products, everyone seems to swear by – including Miranda Kerr. Packed full of antixodiants and Omega 3,6 &9 this light weight and non greasy oil promises to dramatically improve skin moisture levels, help fade scars and pigmentation as well as reducing wrinkles. Not quite at the age where I need to start worrying about wrinkles, but definitely in need of a moisture boost and certainly keen on fading my pigmentation and old spot scars and lightweight/non greasy. It sounded like the perfect oil!

 When I can’t find a decent beauty blog review I always fall back on Make Up Alley as my barometer for whether a hyped up product is really worth it, and it assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem for my combination skin- oil on oil, yes I’ve heard a million times that it can be good for reducing excess oil. I was sold.

So I popped down to Boots to see what all of the fuss was about and parted with £16.50 for a little 20 ml bottle of this magical oil.

That night I couldn’t wait to use it, however I wasn’t totally convinced by the smell- it has a sort of fishy undertone, but it absorbed into my skin quickly which was a relief- no greasy residue as promised- phew. I awoke the next morning to a very irritated t-zone- under the skin bumps and some redness. I persisted a few more nights until I finally gave up on the oil. It was just not meant to be. However, I still use it from time to time on my cheeks, especially on cold days like today and it does make a lovely make-up base as it just adds that extra dewy factor to give a healthy glow, and I do see a slight fading of my pigmentation/old spot scars so it definitely seems to be doing something- not a total waste of money.

Definitely not a hero product, but well worth a go if you have normal, dry or mature skin. It’s also a lovely cold weather saviour to mix in with your usual daily moisturiser to give an added boost- but if you’re like me, with combination skin, stick to using this solely on your cheeks and neck or on specific scars elsewhere on your body!

You can buy it online at Boots here.


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