Dior at Harrods


Dior has opened an exclusive exhibition at Harrods running until 14th April from 10am-8pm at no charge. The exhibition follows on from the roaring success of the Chanel exhibit in Autumn 2011, where you could see a classic 2.55 flap bag being made and walk into a life sized dolls house. The Dior exhibit has all the kookiness of the Chanel one, although I feel like in terms of plushness Dior wins hands down. I spent my Sunday afternoon mooching around the exhibit, which is decked out like a Dior shop- dove grey and white, beautifully classic and luxurious. dioratharrods Natalie Portman

A mesmerizing film depicting Christian Dior’s life and successes as well as first hand sketches draw you in to what I found to be a truly unique and memorable experience. As well as getting to see first-hand the unbelievably beautiful dresses that Charlize Theron wore in her J’adore Dior adverts  and Princess Diana’s gowns the exhibition offers a telephone box that is infused with Miss Dior Cherie and plays the Natalie Portman ‘La Vie en Rose’ advert on a loop. Similarly there is a giant Dior chair playing the same advert on a hologram. Truly spellbinding.

I ended up spending a considerable amount of time at the little portals named ‘London’, ‘Paris’, ‘New York’, ‘Shanghai’, ‘London’ and ‘Los Angeles’ which each hold mini films of Marion Cotillard in each city getting up to some sort of  mischief decked head to toe in to-die-for Dior. Not only a visual treat- but a genius marketing ploy.

dior at harrods- Tijan

As if you didn’t need any more reason to crave a piece of the action, the films cement ones absolute need for a Dior handbag/pen/hip flask to be as cool, enigmatic and charming as Marion. Mais bien sûr!

As well as the exhibition, Dior has well and truly set up shop in Harrods and has exclusive limited edition make-up offerings on the ground floor, including two new Spring/Summer nail colours (I have my eye on Diorling) so you can take home a piece of the action without needing to remortgage your house- hurrah!

 But don’t just believe me, check it out first hand and then visit the Dior cafe afterwards for a macaroon or two, I know that I’ll be back before this magnificent exhibit  jets off to another glamorous city!



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