Tips for healthy locks…

  The person I know with the glossiest, lushest and healthiest locks is my 6 year old brother- no seriously. No heat damage, no colour damage just gorgeous thick hair completely untouched. And that’s the… View Post

Miranda Kerr- Get the Look for less

As you may have noticed I’ve decided to make Wednesday and Saturdays ‘get the look for less’ days, as I love perusing through candid shots of Miranda, Rosie, Rachel, Blake, Lily Aldridge et al and… View Post

Trilogy Rosehip Oil- The Review.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is one of those cult products, everyone seems to swear by – including Miranda Kerr. Packed full of antixodiants and Omega 3,6 &9 this light weight and non greasy oil promises to┬ádramatically… View Post

Train like an Angel..

So my Saturday’s mainly consist of a healthy ratio of 2:1. That is two parts chilling in my dressing gown blogging and looking at and Vogue Paris and one part doing something healthy/cultural. This… View Post