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So my Saturday’s mainly consist of a healthy ratio of 2:1. That is two parts chilling in my dressing gown blogging and looking at and Vogue Paris and one part doing something healthy/cultural. This morning, as soon as this post is done I’ll be doing my VSX work out. Basically- I’ve been blessed with good genes, I eat an inordinate amount of crap yet don’t seem to put on the pounds *, however as I’ve made the firm transition from adolescent to young woman I’ve noticed that yes I may be slim but I could be doing a little more to tone everything up. I’m by no means trying to lose weight-I don’t want to starve myself or loose my boobs… but I do want to get some nice definition for my pending Summer holidays to Greece, South of France and Italy and whilst I’m at it change up my diet a bit to include more nutritious food which in turn, will hopefully clear up my skin a little too.

So my ‘get fit’ plan is to only have one treat a day at tea time- (my mother sister and I are all obsessed with tea time), cut out the diet coke/coffee (already been doing that for a while now) and not eat like a skinny person with ‘good’ genes does, but eat like a healthy young woman who doesn’t want a heart attack by age 30! I found Emily from Into the Gloss’ post about her trip to Henri Chenot’s retreat over New Year particularly eye opening. Her diet was almost identical to mine…and yet it was wreaking havoc on her insides- never mind the fact that not an ounce of fat was showing from the outside. Check out her ‘detxo diary’ here.

Anywaaay, I digress- so my workout routine consists of a legs bums and tums class on a Monday morning (don’t snigger at the name it is a gruelling workout!) and the same again on a Tuesday evening, and then the rest of the week I do 30-60 minutes of Victoria’s Secret core training from….YouTube!  Now that may seem silly- but the exercises are designed to build a healthy, lean and beautiful body a la Kerr, Heatherton, Lima, Aldridge et al and are taught by their trainer Justin Gelband and the angels themselves. I put it on full screen, dust off my weights and give myself a mini-workout. I feel so energized aftet it’s amazing and I can really feel that good kind of pain which makes you know that you must have done some good! Obviously I’ll intensify my workout regiment as I build up my strength but for now the little bursts of YouTube workout are really giving me a nice release of  those ever elusive endorphins from the comfort of my own home- result! The lazy girl’s workout!

I watched a recent interview with Miranda Kerr where she says that she employs an 80:20 diet. 80% healthy and 20% indulgence. I whole heartedly agree with this approach, there’s no point sticking yourself on a fad diet, starving yourself and then gorging on popcorn/chocolate/cake/takeaways after. It’s all about moderation which is something I’ve been enjoying (although it has only been a week!). I’ll keep you posted on my ‘get fit’ plan but so far so good- and my stomach is flatter than ever already just by cutting out the foods that usually bloat me (pasta/pizza/biscuits/bread) past 5pm. I also think I might already be seeing a sliiight amount of definition, but my boyfriend and brother both look at me as though I’m mad and tell me it takes 12 weeks of working out before you see any real results…hmmm…I beg to differ. Anyway Happy Saturday all!

The YouTube Victoria’s Secret workout links:

core training

some more core



* Pet hate- a very slim person bemoaning their weight/calling themselves fat- STOP!


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