Sensual Skin Enhancing

Over the past few weeks I’ve mixed up my usual make-up routine and re-introduced and introduced some new products.

I first tried Chantecaille Just Skin SPF 15 tinted moisturiser last Spring after reading that Millie Mackintosh uses it (how fickle I am) and used it all throughout the Summer, however when Autumn came around I felt like I wanted a little more coverage, so graduated to Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere foundation.

As much as I loved it, the other week it just didn’t seem to blend into my skin as well as it had originally and I was left feeling a little caked. I’m one of those girls who would rather go out with my pigmentation and blemishes for all to see with zero makeup than go out with a face looking like an extra from The Only Way is Essex. I just can’t stand even looking the tiniest bit like I have troweled on the foundation- cue the reintroduction of Chantecaille! It’s the only thing that perks my skin up, leaves it looking nourished, even and radiant and yet doesn’t leave a greasy sheen- perfect for my combination skin. However, I do have patches of pigmentation particularly on my cheeks and jaw and I am prone to the odd blemish (although less so these days thanks to Effaclar Duo and Omega 3 capsules!) so felt I needed just a touch more coverage. Which leads me to the new addition- on Valentine’s Day I popped into Space NK with my £50 gift card I received at Christmas from my very generous Aunt and Uncle and had a play around with Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer. I’d heard a lot about the Skin Enhancer and was intrigued- was it a foundation? a concealer? a highlighter? Well apparently it’s all three. You can mix it with a moisturiser to create a DIY tinted moisturiser/foundation, a highlighter on your cheekbones (although go one shade lighter) or as I use it a heavy duty and hero concealer!

The consistency is incredibly thick so it is recommended that you use only the teeniest tiniest amount on a brush and sort of buff it onto the areas where you need a little more coverage. The stuff is amazing- it would cover scars/tattoos if necessary! I quickly snapped it up and use it on my pigmentation and sometimes a little on my cheekbones to add a little dewy glow. The range comes in 16 shades- I went for a yellow-y tone and chose SX8 and my mum also bought one in SX4. I would recommend asking a sales assistant to help pick the right shade, as the sheer volume of choice is daunting- even for a makeup lover like myself.

I have been receiving quite a few compliments on my skin lately, and as I said before there are many contributing factors (I’ll do my good skin tips post soon!) like diet and new skincare products but I think that the Kevyn Aucoin and Chantecaille are definitely lending a helping hand towards the overall glowy and ‘clear’ effect.



Chantecaille- Just Skin tinted moisturiser, Space NK brush and Kevyn Aucoin’s sensual skin enhancer. 

kevyn aucoin

sensual skin enhancer


You can buy Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer from here for £36.00




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    April 30, 2014 / 1:46 am

    Hi Tijan! I really think that you would like Karla from Karlas Closet, she is one of my favourites!

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