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The person I know with the glossiest, lushest and healthiest locks is my 6 year old brother- no seriously. No heat damage, no colour damage just gorgeous thick hair completely untouched. And that’s the problem, everyone’s hair is damaged whether it be from harsh sulphate based shampoos or GHDs or too frequent visits to colourists we’ve all done some damage to our tresses so here’s my quick list to healthy and gorgeous hair quickly without ditching the highlights or hair tongs:

1. Ditch the dead ends: boring as it may sound but regular trims are vital to keeping hair looking its best, I’m guilty of leaving it waaay too long in between trims, so when this happens I like to take a big chunk off- from nearly waste length to above nipple (to use the technical terms) with some nice shaping around the face.

2. Hair masks: You can make your own hair masks by mixing a few rich nourishing conditioners and simple twist your hair up in a bun or a plait and sleep in it overnight, I love the Bumble & Bumble Thirst Quenching Masque to sleep in.

3. Avocados: Not on your hair but in your mouth, avocados are rich in nutrients and fatty acids which make hair grow faster, stronger and shinier!

4. Use protection: never ever let heat come near your hair without a barrier of protection, I use either the V05 or Tresemme ones which protect hair from up to 250 degrees heat. This is the quickest way to keep hair in good nick.

5. Oil: Adding a touch of oil to finish off a blow dry is the quickest way to making the ends of your hair appear more luscious than they are, use the smallest amount and distribute amongst your mid lengths and ends to add dimension and shine- the Kerastase Elixir is mine (and about every hairdresser ever) favourite, it also smells like heaven.

If you keep all of these steps up your damaged locks will look as good as new in no time despite the abuse of heat and colour!



  1. August 17, 2013 / 2:29 pm

    Great post! I’m guilty for waiting to long to trim my hair as well. Oops!

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