Tinted moisturiser blend..



As I’ve been abroad for the majority of the Summer, despite wearing SPF 50 all over my face and reapplying every few hours my skin has darkened. This means that my usual makeup even with the aid of Bourjois Brozing Primer just doesn’t sit right. Last week whilst in Selfridges I got chatting to one of the ladies at NARS who told me she thought I’d look great in the tinted moisturizer in the shade Annapurna, I wasn’t totally convinced as it seemed a little too dark with an undertone of orange but she was so insistent she urged me to go downstairs and buy a Muji pot so that she could give me some to take home and try out myself. She was over generous and ended up giving me half a bottle of the stuff, but when I got home I still felt the colour too dark and the consistency too watery and not dewy enough- that’s when the lightbulb went off in my head and I thought about doing some mixing, I dug out my favourite Just Skin Chantecaille Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 in the shade Glow and got to mixing- the effect was perfect. Dewy and light yet covered any blemishes, radiance boosting and the perfect shade for my bronzed skin. I’ve moved away from foundations over Summer and I doubt I’ll go back to them as tinted moisturizers leave a much nicer finish than a mask of makeup- I love getting a little creative with my makeup and am so pleased to have found my perfect shade for the end of Summer. Sometimes it can feel cheeky taking a pot to a beauty counter and asking for a sample but it really is the best way to try any face bases so that you can try them in your own environment with your own concealers and blushers etc. just be super friendly and most sales assistants are total babes and will be happy to help!


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