The Working Week Top 3




I’m finding at the moment that there are three products that I look forward to using, three products that instantly give both my complexion and my mood a boost. They are three totally different products but each of them gives my skin a pick-me-up especially this week as I’ve been interning at BeautyMART and getting up and out early and commuting like a proper grown up. Both things which aren’t exactly the best for the skin.

First thing is this Dr. Organic Manuka Honey mask which promises to deep cleanse, restore and nourish. It applies like a liquid and dries like a white clay  and smells delicious. Smother it on to cleansed skin and leave for 10 minutes and then remove with a warm flannel. My skin was instantly brighter and clearer looking. A lovely organic product and a treat to use twice a week.

Secondly, since using Peptabright by Indeed Labs last week I’ve really noticed a difference, my skin is brighter and my pigmentation has already diminished. I’m loving smoothing this on as a serum morning and night and seeing my skin tone brighten even more, especially considering the amount of chocolatey snacks I’ve been consuming at my desk come 3pm!

Thirdly, a little odd to add into the mix but I’m loving it and it’s making me feel better so nevermind. The Bourjois Cream Blush in shade 02 Healthy Glow which really does impart just that. It adds life to my 7am tired complexion instantly. A little touch up around 2pm perks up both my skin and my mood making the last push of the day a happier affair. Oh the power of make-up hey?

There you have it- my three must haves to put my skin and my mind in a good mood!

What are your fail safe ‘happy place’ products?

Have a lovely Thursday,




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