The Ultimate Holiday Read

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I find being away in October a tad odd. I don’t want to do style posts as I personally find Summer style posts in the middle of Autumn slightly strange, I don’t want to show you what makeup I’m wearing as that’s planned for an upcoming video, so all I can really do is write about what I’m currently feeling quite passionate about.

Right now one of those things is Sali Hughes book Pretty Honest. It’s a tome for beauty junkies and novices alike and she covers¬†everything¬†in such a chatty and affable manner that it’s as if you’ve just sat down for a cup of tea with a fellow beauty lover. I must say my heart strings were particularly pulled at the Bridal Beauty chapter as I’m no longer a bride to be, but what I did find fascinating is that Sali says that there are 6 timeless bridal looks which she recommends and I definitely chose one of those looks without even realising for my wedding day!

Her advice is sound, the writing is brilliant and hours fly by when reading this. If you’re heading on holiday or just simply fancy reading something on your daily commute to school/college/work I’d highly recommend! Well done Sali!


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