Sunday Stuff – Autumn in Paradise

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So I have two favourite items. They are both really cool and also incredibly sentimental to me which makes them priceless. Wednesday 2nd October I was out with my amazing friend Kat from New York (who btw had already bought me an incredible Sephora gift – post or video mention coming up soon) was wearing this killer berry lip stain that I admired whilst at breakfast at The Good Life Eatery. She immediately insisted I have it as it was Tarte’s Envy which is virtually impossible to get over here. I tried to refuse, but after she forced it on  me how could I say no?

It glides on like a balm and stays like a stain and gives the lips such a gorgeous texture as well as imparting the most stunningly seasonal berry shade. I’ve even been wearing it on honeymoon evenings (with nothing else other than moisturiser on my face) and I feel all Autumnal even in 30 degree heat. On the exact same day I had some major issues with my wedding shoes at Charlotte Olympia. I don’t like ranting, but to put it short and sweet – don’t buy wedding shoes from Charlotte Olympia. Buy cute, quirky shoes, but not wedding shoes as the serviced there is more akin to Topshop than an uber expensive designer store. To apologise (and believe me we had to cause quite a fuss to get them to apologise) they gave both my mum and I a pair of these spider web earrings (Charlotte’s signature logo) which I fell in love with immediately and actually wore straight away to my wedding rehearsal at the chapel. Again, I love the slightly gothic Autumnal/Halloween vibe of these – and they just make me feel super cool. So I’ve brought both of these items along with me on my honeymoon and am wearing both now whilst looking out over the ocean and I feel tropically Autumnal! That was a babble wasn’t it?!



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