The Staple Shirt/Accessory



There’s something about this Forever 21 tartan shirt that is so versatile. I’ve had it for around three years now, and each A/W new season Forever 21 brings out a new variation, so I thought I’d finally put it on here. I like using it to wrap around my waist when I’m wearing leggings and a vest to protect my modesty (like an accessory), and then when things get a little chillier I can put it on like a hybrid of a coat/cardigan for some cosy but not stifling warmth. As we are seeing slightly better weather here in London this week, I find it’s working really well.

The colours make it seasonally appropriate, yet it’s breathable and cosy material make it ideal for throwing on when things get cooler in the shade! The rest of this outfit is also very casual, some Zara stretchy jeans and Zara biker boots and this Nasty Gal tote paired with a pair of Ray Ban aviators. The ultimate early September late Summer/early Autumn look,



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