The Simple Skincare Edit




So as promised here, here is my new super simple skincare edit. I’ve been trying way too many products recently and have tried to narrow it down to just a few to ensure calm and clear skin.


AM:First thing in the morning I’ll take the smallest pea sized amount of La Roche Posay Physiologique cleanser and smooth that over my face, I’ll add water to emulsify and then rinse off with warm water. I then usually hop in the shower and finish the rest of the skincare once out. A quick spray of La Roche Posay Serozinc is then followed with yet another LRP product- Effaclar Duo which I leave to sink in whilst eating breakfast/making the bed/responding to emails etc. Then before my makeup I’ll pop a small amount of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream all over to ensure a nice healthy glow under my foundation.


PM: I love nothing more than soaking a large cotton disc in masses of Bioderma and removing every last trace of makeup before smoothing some Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm all over my face and then removing with a warm flannel. Next up I’ll give my skin yet another hit of LRP‘s Serozinc and then put some Origins Night a Mins Oil Free Moisturiser on all over.


The add ons: The masks I’m keeping in rotation are Cattier’s Green Mint Clay Mask for ridding skin of impurities and Origins Drink Up Intensive to soothe blemishes and generally nourish and hydrate lacklustre skin. And on three nights a week I use Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner post cleansing balm and pre Serozinc. And that, as they say, is literally that! No fancy serums, no eye creams, no Hydraluron (shock horror- although I’m sure as the weather gets colder I’ll reintroduce it) for the time being. Just a super simple skincare edit of products I know work! Let’s see how I get on….



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