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Serums are possibly the most crucial part of your skincare routine, and I like to mix it up depending on what my skin needs. Every now and then, a serum comes along and just blows the other out the water, it hydrates your skin like no other, or it banishes blemishes and acne breakouts like no antibiotic or supplement ever could. These are my fail safe serums –

Jurlique Calendula Restorative Serum – the newest member to my serum family, this works wonders at reducing redness around blemishes, or just generally calming down agitated spotty complexions. My skin went a little cray last week and this has been soothing my skin ever since. The smell is cucumber-ry and fresh and it sinks into the skin, it does leave behind a little tackiness but I don’t mind that as I always follow with a nice moisturiser. This is my must have for those with sensitive skin. Available soon.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum – I turn to this serum when my skin is feeling dull and dehydrated but not particularly spotty. This adds instant hydration and radiance, I would say this is best for those with more mature skin looking for an anti ageing boost. Gwyneth Paltrow famously dubbed this product “botox in a bottle”. £88 available from Cult Beauty.

Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective – This has a light watery gel like consistency and instantly hydrates the skin, it doesn’t work as well as the Jurlique at instantly reducing inflammation and redness, but it does a pretty good job. This is brilliant at getting rid of any little under the skin bumps. £49.16 available here

Effaclar Duo + – By far the most emollient of the bunch, this could even be dubbed as a moisturiser. I’d recommend using this if you suffer from mid to severe breakouts. In times of skin emergencies this is what I turn to in order to calm down any skin woes. I would warn you though, I think this product can also be counter productive, as your skin can get used to it and then get worse when you stop using it. I like to only use this on one off occasions. Especially as it is a little drying for my skin and moisturiser doesn’t sit too well on top of it! Still, a good one to have in your kit. £15.00 available from Boots. 


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