The Only Dry Shampoo For Me



When Amelia first told me that she hadn’t washed her hair in nearly a week I was a little shocked. Her locks looked as though they were on their second day – not their fifth. There wasn’t any greasiness in sight, even though she praised the CoLab Dry Shampoo for it, I still thought it must have more to do with the fact that her hair is lighter than mine, so grease shows up less. Until I bought a bottle of their New York one for myself.

This stuff is a miracle worker. It imparts only the smallest amount of white residue, instead it blasts roots with a super clean but tousled and voluminous feeling which makes me actually prefer my second and third day hair as opposed to my old favourite of freshly washed. I now know that I can get up to four days out of my hair (day four will definitely need a hat for the latter part of that day though) which is the biggest time saver. Washing and drying  my hair takes me a good hour +, so having the freedom to wash my hair a little less leaves more time for getting on with other things oh and the dry shampoo itself is cheap as chips (literally – as cheap as a packet of chips). Ka-ching!

I never thought I could get quite so excited by a dry shampoo and  I thought Klorane took the top spot when it came to them, but not anymore. I want to try all the fragrances out too – they’re so subtle without being too powdery like Batiste.

Lots of love from third day hair me!

You can buy the Ruth Crilly and CoLab dry shampoo in Superdrug and online here





  1. November 17, 2014 / 10:21 am

    You should try Redkens Pillow Proof Blowdry Extender – pricey, but invisible (literally NO residue), smells great and works wonders!

  2. Isabelle van der Jagt
    November 17, 2014 / 4:26 pm

    Curious to try!

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