Sunday Stuff: The DIY Lip Plumper


Before & after with no other lip products on at all. 


Lip fillers seem to have reached a peak this year. With girls as young as 16 starting and celebrities like Kylie Jenner being publicly iconised for their pout, it would seem like we’ve all gone lip mad. I, for one, am quite happy with playing with a bit of liner, I don’t want that blown up look at all times. But with brands such as Dior  bringing out their own lip maximisers that cost up to £25, I thought I’d offer you a much cheaper and less scary alternative.

All you need is a tub of lip balm – vaseline or Nuxe Reve De Miel work really well, and then some cinnamon essential oil. I bought mine from Holland and Barrett for £4.50. I then scooped out some balm into a little Muji pot and added a few drops of the cinnamon oil and mixed them together well with a sugar stirer. The cinnamon has a slight tingling sensation and causes the lips to (temporarily) swell and go a pinky/red shade. It isn’t painful, however, I’d suggest if it’s your first time, only using a few drops. To get more dramatic results you can use more. It gives a really natural plumpness which just looks as though you’ve been kissing or eating too many strawberries, it doesn’t look too “done”. I wouldn’t recommend doing it daily as the cinnamon over time could irritate your lips, however, for a night out, or for a few well timed selfies, it’s a bit of cheap harmless and temporary fun!




  1. Isabelle van der Jagt
    November 17, 2014 / 4:27 pm

    I tried a smashbox lip plumper the other day, and it was very stingy! And after all I didn’t notice a big difference… 🙁 Gonna try this soon 🙂

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