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Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a new way of grooming for girls who want to look effortless yet still polished. It’s all about keeping certain things in tip top condition, and letting other factors run a bit wild.

Eyebrows- Case in point – eyebrows, the amount of grown out eyebrows I’ve noticed has cemented the trend. Friends of mine on the beach in Mykonos, in beauty shoots in glossy magazines and everywhere in between. It seems that ditching that monthly threading session and letting your brows get a little more natural is the key to a very SS14 beauty look. Make sure you still comb them through though, the key is to get them looking natural and effortless, not frighten small children!

Goodbye Powder – It would appear that grease/shine/dew/glow/whateveryouwannacallit is very much in this Summer too. Easing up on the powder and letting your skin glow a little seems to be the ultimate in relaxed Summery beauty. However, don’t mistake this for a total greasy/shiny face. Instead the shine should be limited to the left and right of your forehead (mattify the middle), the bridge of the nose and the cheeks. The upper lip should be matt at all times to avoid looking less “effortless cool girl” and more “truck driver”. If you don’t believe  that moisturised shine is cool then read this.

Ease off the Skincare – This is less to do with being “cool” and more to do with getting healthier skin. Since using less skincare products, sticking with one brand and one routine, my skin is better than it ever was when I was trying a million different types of face masks. A little pampering is fun, but really stripping your skincare back to basics is the quickest way to see an improvement in your skin. After talking to other ex skincare product junkies, it would appear that I’m not alone and more and more people are starting to take their 11 step skincare routine back to a simple cleanse tone and moisturise.

So, what do you reckon? Let’s all take a breather from the regimented beauty routines, relax a little and hope that by the end of the Summer we’ll all resemble Jane Birkin…



  1. August 2, 2014 / 2:39 pm

    I’ve definitely let my brows get a little unruly lately, and for once in my life I prefer them when I don’t fill them in?! I dont know hwat’s happened to me!? Totally agree about the skincare too, less is definitely more when it comes to skin products. xx

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