Sunday Stuff #26 the high coverage SPF50



Another Sunday, another La Roche Posay product. When it comes to Summer plus skincare, they really reign supreme. I’ve recently discovered their latest addition to the Anthelios XL range, their SPF50 compact, which works like a super high coverage SPF. Pat it on all over for a high coverage high SPF dosage, or just add on to places of concern. For me, for example, that would be around my temples and down towards my jaw, where I have a smattering of “freckles” ie. pigmentation. By ensuring that I have extra SPF on in those areas it totally protects the pigmentation from darkening in the sun. And on the flip side it also ensures that my dark marks are totally covered and that they look even. I have the shade 02. At the moment there are only two shades, but I’d say when mixed with other paler (or indeed darker) concealers or foundations you can almost certainly find your ideal match.

I also love the handy mirror, ensuring it has become my go-to compact. Ideal for lazy sunny Sunday bike rides, when all you want is a light coverage foundation and a little extra summit’ summit’…


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