The Manikin Manicure



After nearly a month of CND shellac Tropix on my  nails I’ve been desperate for a complete change. I’ve also found that nothing off sets a tan quite like a lovely nude nail polish, and chips are easily hidden. Before my flight to Spain last week I grabbed three products and got to work, the L’Oreal Paris 7 in 1 Saviour for damaged nails as my base coat gives a lovely finish and is almost nice enough to wear on its own- it leaves nails looking totally groomed and clean with a slight hint of a nudey beige colour. I then layered on two coats of Rococo Boutique Sheer Gloss* and finished off with some good ol’ Seche Vite top coat. Nails were instantly dry, looked groomed and glossy,(and were being taken care of by the base coat) yet chic and were perfect for my 6 day getaway!


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