The French Pharmacy Budget Buy



French brand Cattier have been on my radar for a while now but I’ve never been able to track them down in any french pharmacies. Last week in Cannes I made a point of asking one of the lovely ladies who worked in the pharmacy in poor GCSE standard French to direct me in Cattier’s general direction- she pointed me to the lowest possible shelf I’ve ever seen where there were a smattering of masks- no wonder I’d had difficulty locating them! There were a plethora of masks to suit all skin types including oily, sensitive and dry. Each mask, whilst clay based performed differently depending on your skin type in order to get the most out of it. For just under 4 euros these products are ridiculously cheap, but the quality and results are anything but! I picked up two masks, one for sensitive skin which had aloe vera in designed to soothe and illuminate dull complexions and one for oily skin to purify and rebalance blemish prone skin. I used the Argile Masque (the pink one for sensitive skin) post flight last week and woke up to brighter and clearer skin. I used the Green Mint Masque for oily skin to purify my pores as it being that time of the month my complexion wasn’t looking amazing before I flew to Spain on Thursday and saw an immediate improvement, blemishes were irradicated and the skin felt less irritated. These two masks are my new staples and I can’t wait to carry on using both once a week! Easy to apply, not messy and you only have to wait 10 minutes before removing with tepid water or a warm flannel. If you’re planning a holiday to France soon it would be a tragedy if these bad boys didn’t make it back home with you..


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