The Budget Buy- Max Factor Cream Blush


Yesterday I finished my 2nd essay…only two to go now. After I had finalised my bibliography (Harvard referencing- yawn) I returned my books and sauntered off into the sunshine in the general direction of shops. It was all a bit of a daze, it was 3pm and I’d only eaten an apple and for me that’s unheard of. So under the guise of running into Pret to pick up a wrap I carried on into town.The thing is though I completely bypassed Pret and went straight for the blue and white…Boots.

Once inside, I knew I needed to limit myself. I was hungry after all and I didn’t want to spend too much, first thing was first though. The new Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blushes, I’d swatched them a few times and loved the deep pigment and long-lasting staying power, but for some reason I hadn’t purchased.

So in went the little pot of gorgeousness and oh my it is amazing! I’m a blush and bronze kinda girl (a few sweeps of Laguna when I’m pale and Casino when I’m tanned thank you very much) and then a dab of something creamy on my apples to perk up my complexion. The shade Soft Pink works wonders on my olive complexion and it’s so darned pigmented, not just for a cheap blush but for any blush. I’ve been a long term devotee of Bobbi Brown’s cream blush in the shade Calypso, but I’ve never donned a girly pink before. As I’m blonder than usual (I’m that girl who took thirty pictures of Gisele to the hairdresser) I’m intrigued to see how it will look when I go back dark in a few weeks (I’m also that girl who longs to be a Dolce and Gabanna campaign model). All it takes is a few smudges on the cheeks and you’re done, I prefer to use fingers to get a really natural finish although I’m sure you’d get a more flawless look with a stippling brush. J’adore.

The blush retails for £6.99, which seems a lot considering the size (only marginally larger than a 50p coin) but the quality is so worth it. I actually managed to get mine on Boots points- score! Buy now

Have a lovely Wednesday and treat yourself!




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