Sunday Stuff: The Game Changer

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You’ll be excused for presuming that this is a sponsored post – I mean a mouth wash does seem like an odd thing to wax lyrical about?

Dentyl Active one has been a fixture on my bathroom shelf for around 6 weeks now, the second I ran out pure panic ensued until I had ensured that my stocks had been replenished. Here’s why it’s so amazing – it was recommended to me by my dentist as it’s alcohol free, meaning that it tastes palatable and not at all as strong or horrific as some that do contain alcohol (cough lysterine cough cough). The flavour smooth mint just tastes so refreshing, and here comes the gross part….after you’ve swished it around for 30 seconds, gargled and spat it out, you can actually see the results (read:plaque) in the sink which is kind of gruesomely rewarding.

Breath stays fresher for longer, gums are healthier, teeth are sparklier and just in general it makes me feel more pulled together.

So yeah, I’ve just done a post on a mouth wash and I’m not sorry. The other day when I ran into Superdrug I bypassed the new L’Oreal eyeshadow palette, the MUA lip liners and went straight for the dental hygiene section. Who am I?



  1. kat
    November 28, 2014 / 3:03 am

    amazing 😉

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