3 Steps to Better Skin


And no, none of them involve spending a penny. I’ve noticed there are a few things that when I do, my skin is happier and calmer.

1) Sleep Well:¬†This may seem trite to some, but whether I’ve had a good or crap nights sleep shows on my skin the following day. Try to unwind with a book or a tv show that you associate with bedtime. Try not to check instagram 5,929,393 times before bed (guilty) and then you can wind down and get a better nights sleep. I also like using This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on my pillow to help me drift off.

2) Don’t over complicate it: Keep your skincare as basic as you possibly can, I only use a cleansing oil, a spray toner and a face oil (see above – Clarins Blue Orchid – game changing) at night, and I try and do it early on in the evening so that the products can really sit on my skin and get to work the second I get home.

3) Meditation and deep breaths: No, don’t roll your eyes, this step is actually the most important. Whenever I get stressed or anxious, the first place it shows is on my skin. Taking time out to do some meditation or taking a few deep breaths can really help to alleviate stress and therefore keep your skin calmer.

Those three steps are without doubt the biggest game changers for me and my skin. I can eat a crap load of sugar (case in point Honeymoon) and come back with the clearest skin in the world if I’ve adhered to the above. Similarly, I can eat like a Victoria’s Secret model and break out in a huge blemish if lack of sleep, new skincare and stress get the better of me.

What are your biggest skin game changers?



  1. Isabelle van der Jagt
    November 24, 2014 / 12:51 pm

    The Shiseido Ultimate power infusing serum and the Sarah Chapman overnight facial changed my life

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