Sunday Stuff #7

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So today’s Sunday Stuff is a case of old meets new. Firstly though, let’s start with the new. I’ve been road testing the Lisa Eldridge approved Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Masque and I’m ready to share why I think it makes the perfect pre-weekend mask…on a Sunday. The mask boasts zinc oxide and chamomile to soothe skin and kaolin and other “brighteners” to ensure a decongested and exfoliated complexion. I first tried this mask and was instantly happy with the radiance and general feel of my skin – no tightness which is unusual with a clay mask. However the next day I noticed a lot of (for want of a better word) “gunk” had swam its way up to the surface of my skin. Little whiteheads etc, by no means a classified “breakout” but still, not ideal, however by the following morning all was right and my skin felt totally smooth and clear. It’s definitely one of those masks that brings everything up before getting rid of it all, so I’d recommend doing on a Sunday to detox from the weekend and then come Tuesday, Wednesday and all through the latter part of the next week you’ll have gorgeously clarified and clear skin.

To counter this, I’ve fallen back in love with a product that I’ve been using for a full year. The Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder N30 works a dream for touch ups, and when worn over a light base can really help ramp up the coverage whilst still feeling light as air. To cover up any side effects of the deep cleansing mask, dab a little powder on where you feel you need it and voila. A super gorgeous complexion without having to pile on excess liquid foundations. An easy breezy Sunday duo that will leave you thanking yourself for the rest of the week for a ‘facial’ esque glow.




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