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My skin has been an absolute nightmare for the past month, the weather has wreaked havoc with my skin and does so every Winter like clockwork. Something about the change from cold biting wind to over heated indoors makes my skin dehydrated and clogged.

Anne Semonin is a 30 year old Parisian skincare brand with a made-to-measure concept that harnesses its potency from essential oils, minerals and marine active ingredients. There’s just something so comforting about a brand that promises a prescriptive and holistic approach to skincare. As someone who struggles with temperamental skin I want to be 100% certain that a brand is going to help rather than hinder the state of my skin, but with the soothing ingredient list I put my trust in their Mineral Mask and Tissue Serum.

I read up briefly on the Mineral Mask and the reviews online were glowing, a quick look on at the ingredients list and I was beyond pleasantly surprised to see no irritants or comedogenic ingredients. The product can be used as either a deep cleanser, eye treatment or (as I used it) a mask and it promises to revitalise congested skin through seaweed and mineral salts and leave a brighter and clearer complexion. I love the tube and how easy it was to apply, no mess or fuss (I have a real hatred for clay masks in a pot, not only unhygienic but so. much. mess!). I popped the mask on and caught up on my Snapchat feed whilst letting it do its thing, I didn’t feel any uncomfortable tingling and I was struck by just how much it smelled like swimming in the sea – quite a calming scent and reassuring that it wasn’t overly flowery or fragrant. The consistency is not as thick as you’d expect from a detoxifying mask and it dried quickly but didn’t leave my face feeling uncomfortably tight or rigid, in fact it has a gentle cooling effect which felt very spa – like. I actually got carried away with social media and ended up leaving it on for a good twenty five minutes! When I rinsed it off my skin felt so soft and smooth and I was struck by how my blemished areas looked less red and angry and my pores felt tighter however my dehydrated skin wasn’t at all compromised despite the clarifying results. I can see this mask being my new go to deep cleansing treatment that I’ll be reaching for when my skin is feeling congested, dull or just a bit meh, in fact I think this would be an amazing treatment before a big night out or even wedding.

The next product I tried from Anne Semonin is their Tissue Serum, now I only ever use two types of serums – exfoliating and hydrating and this one falls firmly into the latter. The brand refers to it as their “Little Bottle of Water” as it balances hydration levels in the skin (thanks to rosewater) whilst also easing fine lines and wrinkles thanks to Chlorella. Being acne prone is my blessing as well as my curse because I don’t actually have any fine lines yet which I feel incredibly grateful for, however dehydration is one of my key concerns. The serum is not tacky at all, in fact it glides on incredibly smoothly and has a very discreet and gentle fragrance (again, something I personally love). It claims to mattify as well as hydrate which is an absolute god send for the serious combination-ers like myself. Whilst I’ve only been using it for a few days I can say that my skin has felt calmer and less tight since using it and my t-zone is less oily come 4pm then it usually is.

The versatility of the products is such that you can even mix the two together to create a de-puffing eye mask by adding a few drops of the Tissue Serum into the Mineral Mask – ingenious!

All in all I would refer to Anne Semonin as chic reliable luxury, a brand that does what it says it will without any need for gimmick and I predict that these two products will be staples in my skincare arsenal for the foreseeable future!

MINERAL MASK – £42.00, 75ml
TISSUE SERUM – £96.00, 30ml

TWITTER: @AnneSemonin
INSTAGRAM: @AnneSemoninUk

This post is in collaboration with Anne Semonin.



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