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If there’s one thing that instantly can lift my mood it’s a beautiful scent. I love the way that fragrance can transport you back to a time and place effortlessly and I am committed to only wearing niche and luxury brands. If it smells unique and you can’t find it in a duty free airport (note I have actually bought some beautiful fragrances from duty free) then I’m probably wearing it. Her’s a little run down of some of my current favourites.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mirabilis This is probably the most “me” scent I’ve come across in recent time. There’s something light yet musky about it. I’m usually adverse to incense in fragrance but this isn’t over powering at all and I can easily wear this for day time meetings or if I add a few more spritzes it’s the perfect sexy evening scent that commands complements.

Malin & Goetz Vetiver This is one for those of you who love unisex fragrances. I usually mix this with something more feminine to contrast. It is sharp, professional and impossibly chic. I imagine a very chic New York/London/Paris girl wearing this to a bar for a glass of red wine after work.

Clive Christian Cosmos Flower This is full blown luxury and undoubtedly the most expensive fragrance I own. It is truly beautiful and smells sweet and flowery but not like the sweet and floral fragrances that you’re used to thanks to the interesting notes of pink pepper and rum. It’s enchanting and would make a perfect first date fragrance. For me though I save this for special lunch meetings or romantic dinners.

Tom Ford Santal Blush This is full blown sexy. When you have greasy hair, maybe a spot or two and feeling super hormonal and all you want to do is eat a tray full of cookies (can you guess what kind of mood I’m in right now?) but you have to leave the house for an evening event then look no further than this baby. It will instantly make you feel like a goddess, Santal is also so Wintry and seasonal so the fragrance warms you up on those chilly nights.

What are some of your favourite scents?



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