Summery Limbs in a Bottle. Nuxe oil- The Review




It is a funny thing beauty blogging, always on the lookout for the next release/trend and always focused on the new new new- the craze, hype, fad, that sometimes once can forget that the HG (that’s holy grail for all you beauty blog newbies) products reside right in your bathroom cabinet.

Cue Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a shimmer dry oil that I’ve had for..oooh I’d say around 4 years now, that you can use on the ends of your hair, face or body (Space NK’s website recommend mixing a drop in with your foundation although I’m too scared to do that to my skin!). I use this primarily on my body and it like heaven but not overpowering at all, in fact its got one of those scents that just smells like Summer, a little like sunscreen. It was around four years ago that I saw a picture of Cheryl Cole on the red carpet and her skin had a sort of iridescent shimmer to it that made it gleam and look bronzed but not at all tacky. I immediately wanted to replicate that effect and so I trotted down to Space NK and was introduced to the Nuxe oil that was to become my Summer staple.

You don’t even need that much product, just shake the bottle well (as the glitter and the oil can separate) and spray onto your limbs (smooth limbs are recommended for the full shimmer effect) and then rub in and it leaves a totally non greasy finish as it’s a dry oil. This stuff will not make you look like a stripper I promise, or even like a member of The Saturdays (although I think that Mollie is pretty cool, am I alone on that one?) it will just give you gleaming limbs that look  toned and slimmer. I promise I’m not on commission, I just remembered it on Saturday night as I was getting ready to go for dinner that I felt like my legs were looking a little lacklustre and my arms and collarbone a little dull, a few spritz of the magic oil and I looked fully polished and the compliments throughout the evening ensued. The glitter is subtle and is ideal for imitating a Victoria’s Secret runway look. On my travels this Summer I’ll be decanting a quarter of my bottle into a little Muji plastic spray bottle as the one issue is that although the bottle looks divine on a dressing table, it can be a little heavy, so best to decant for traveling.

Anyway, bring on the sun and the Summer but even if the grey skies persist just arm yourelf with some Nuxe dry oil and you’ll feel like you are Summer!

p.s I am so obsessed with the Nuxe oil scent that last Summer I bought the Nuxe perfume in a pharmacy in Cannes, the lasting power is beyond weak (around half an hour!) but it does make for a nice Summer body spray!

You can buy the Nuxe oil from Space NK here

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