Part 2 – The Guest Beauty Fix by Isabelle Baker

So  yesterday my fellow beauty junkie and good friend Izzy talked us through her hair care must haves (and that girl has a glossy mane so she knows what she’s talking about!) and a few of her skincare and base staples that are ensuring her a flawless complexion . Today she’ll talk us through the rest of her beauty fixes that already have me  reaching for my purse and heading out the door to the nearest Space NK/Boots/the local pharmacy…


Mascara Mix Up

mascara musthaves

I’m a bit obsessed with mascara and I like to mix them by using two when I’m doing my make up- Bobbi Brown is my favourite it makes your lashes extra long with no clumps. Dior Show is good for going out makes you look like you’ve got face eye lashes on ! Mac factor master piece is a really good cheap mascara it’s got a great brush and gives good coverage!

Chanel Eyeshadows

chanel eyes izzy

These are great little eye shadow pots that are really quick and easy to use as they have a kind of gel texture which means that you can just use your finger or a brush to smudge a bit of the metallic colour on to make a great smokey eye. Vision 89 is the most amazing gold !

New favourite…

Bobbi Brown Foundation and BB Cream

bobbi brown

My latest favourite product of Bobbi Browns’ is her new extra moisturising foundation. It comes in a glass jar which is super cool and it smells soso  good it’s got a gel texture gives a flight but really moisturising coverage it’s perfect for the summer with SPF in it! Bobbi also does a great tube tinted moisturiser for a thicker coverage good to put this on with a brush to even it up.

Best beauty find…

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover


The best hassle free nail polish remover- just dip your fingers in and the nail polish is off in literally 2 seconds! Such a great find.

Best Beauty Secret…

Biotin Vitamins


A type of vitamin B that makes your hair and nails grow- it really does work!

Thumbs Down Products…

Moroccan Oil


Over priced and over hyped and didn’t help my hair at all,  if anything just made it greasy. Don’t trust the hype!

Bumble and Bumble Deep Protein Masque


This was rubbish and pretty expensive, it made my hair a really horrible texture! A shame as bumble and bumble products are normally really good but you can’t trust all the products in a brand!

And finally…Scent..

Comme Des Garcons Amazing Green perfume


My favourite scent is comme des garçons amazing green, it literally smells like you’re in an amazing fresh forest! They also do pocket size bottles which are great. The bottles have a really cool look to and the backs are rounded so they fit perfectly to your hand who’ll your spritzing!

So there you have it…a few beauty tips, tricks and general excuse to do a bit of extra shopping. In particular the Sephora nail polish remover, Philip Kingsley hair  mask and Hask hair oil are at the top of my wish list now. Uh oh! Stay tuned for the next Guest Beauty Fix. I aim to choose friends and family members who have a real eye for value for money and who enhance their own natural beauty instead of trying to plaster themselves in makeup. The aim is to give you a chance to hear about other must haves (not the same old Chantecaille tinted moisturiser and Barry M gelly polishes of mine!).

Happy Sunday



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