Some big news…


So today’s blog post isn’t scheduled – I mean it’s 11am and I am still in the process of writing it! Very unprofessional. Last night the love of my life proposed to me in front of all my family. It was so emotional and perfect and I’m feeling a million and one different emotions right now (all good). As well as thinking about our life together that lies ahead of us, I’m now thinking about all the funny little details like what kind of hair I’m going to have for the big day, will my skin behave? Etc etc all the seriously shallow and nitty gritty details. We have set a ‘sort of’ date for late September which means I need to get to work! Expect to see a fair few more bridal posts on here now. I thought the above photo of Lily Aldridge was fitting, what with the VS show airing only just the other night!

My boyfriend (now fiance!!!!) video recorded the whole proposal so if you fancy having a gander check it out here.


I couldn’t be happier!!

Tijan xxxxx




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