New in…Bumble & Bumble


Bumble & Bumble are just one of those brands that always deliver the goods. Cool packaging? check. Innovative products? check. Amazing results? Check check check. So you can imagine that I was more than a little excited to try two of their brand spanking new releases. Pret- a- Powder is like dry shampoo on steroids. Seriously. It made my freshly washed, poker straight hair thicker than a lion’s mane with just a few squeezes – if you’re after Nicole Scherzinger “is she wearing extensions?” but sophisticated kinda hair then this product is for you.

In other news Bumble have brought out a range of hair chalks, meaning that you can literally spray in some colour which then brushes and washes out super easily. I tried their shade ‘blush’ which is a baby pink and it particularly stood out on my blonder pieces of hair giving a cool and edgy vibe, I’m looking forward to trying out the blue and lavender shades too. With cotton candy coloured hair being a serious trend for SS14, I’m excited to be able to quite literally dip in and out of it without any full time commitment!

Have you tried any of Bumble’s other products? What’s your favourite?


Tijan xxx



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