Silky Smooth

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I’m not one to post about body products too often, because quite frankly I find it a bit of a snooze fest to write. However, recently I chucked a moisturiser into my basket at boots and just POW. Super nourished, soft and silky skin with no stickiness whatsoever. Crazy! I’m a big believer in moisturising every single day which can be a laborious task, so when I find a product that makes it a joy I pay attention and take notes to tell you guys.

The Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Ultra Replenishing Lotion with Shea Butter smells good enough to eat and glides on to skin like silk. My skin still feels smooth and supple even after I’ve peeled off my clothes at the end of the day (this is all starting to sound a bit 50 Shades – sorry!). I just love that there’s a budget friendly body product out there that can do such miracles for my perpetually dry skin.

Buy it here for £3.19


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