Born Lippy – The Tinted Lip Balm

bornlippy bornlippy2


Like all girls, I was obsessed with lip balm from a young age – specifically tinted ones. The feeling that you were wearing some sort of lipstick – but without actually over stepping the mark.

These days, I’m old enough for proper lipstick, but still can’t resist the temptation of a good tinted lip balm. I found the one two years ago, and I used it right up until the end. However, being a fickle beauty blogger I soon forgot its magical ways and purchased other (and not as good) alternatives. Well the other day whilst in the Body Shop at the till I noticed my long lost love and decided to repurchase, and oh wow am I glad that I did! It moisturises my lips like no other and leaves the most gorgeous “just eaten a punnet of strawberries” look. Let’s heart it for the Born Lippy Stick Balm Pomegranate, the juiciest ‘sexiest’ tinted lip balm I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across.



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