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I’ve become increasingly distrustful of the pampering industry – hairdressers, nail technicians, makeup artists. There is only one hairdresser who I trust for my hair colour who is around a 2 hour drive from me (or a 40 minute tube then train but that sounds less dramatic) who I go to – travel isn’t an issue when you want something done right. I’ve made countless mistakes of trusting the wrong people – even in super amazing salons -only to end up in tears, similarly with nails, I’ll always leave a salon having paid £20.00 for a manicure I could have done myself, and as for makeup if it’s a natural look I’m after I’ll do it myself and if I want more oomph the only person I trust is my friend Jackie. However, when it comes to blow dries – even though I know how to rough dry and tong my hair day to day, there’s just something about a professional blow dried big and bouncy look that I can’t quite master.

When I headed into the blow dry salon – Show Dry salon in Notting Hill – the first salon set up by Tamara Eccleston using her hair care products Show – the first thing that hit me was how serene it was – my hairdresser Amanda was warm and accommodating and she quickly got to work but in a very calm manner. After she’d thoroughly washed my hair (with a colour save shampoo thanks to my most recent colour nightmare with someone other than my regular colourist) she got to work on pinning the front sections of my hair up into rollers and then rough drying and perfectly tonging the rest and adding plenty of volume sprays and mousses from the Show line. Whilst she did that I flipped through the latest issue of Allure (downloaded straight from an ipad at my hair station) and snacked on a fresh green juice and some caramel and salted popcorn, the snacks which also include a glass of champagne, brownies and several other types of juices/salads and popcorns are all include as part of the price – £35.00.

I left around 35 minutes later with a happy tummy and glorious locks that stayed in tact for three whole days! I didn’t even need dry shampoo or my beloved Oribe to revive it. This may have been a press appointment but I can already tell you that I’ll definitely be back before any big event for sure – the atmosphere was just amazing and the interiors were so luxurious, the pricing was reasonable and the hair was incredible!

Well done Tamara Eccleston – you’ve got the formula just right 😉

Show Dry:

173 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RS

0333 006 8888

Website here



  1. KatieDuJour
    May 25, 2015 / 8:30 pm

    Hair looks great! So hard to find a decent salon x

  2. Fre
    May 26, 2015 / 10:16 am

    Hahaha this part: ‘ but that sounds less dramatic’ 😉
    I agree with you, sometimes you have high expectations of manicures, facials etc.. but you end up dissapointed… i always try to explain my hairdresser the best way i can what i want or how i want it to look, even with pictures. But it is always a surprise how it is going to turnout ..
    Love your blow-out, did it stayed long?

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