Cyber Star Style

Over the last few years there has been an onslaught of tall, gorgeous and glossy haired girls who have taken centre stage with their addictive blogs. Their street wear has become as revered as the usual and now I suppose slightly dated ‘celeb style’.They’re all part of the zeitgeist and the new media wave which has given a platform to these very cool girls- whether it’s been by having their own blog and posting daily images of themselves in impossibly cool locations looking effortlessly chic, or whether it’s purely being photographed for someone elses blog and then being ‘re-blogged’ to death on Tumblr.

These girls have it whatever that it is- I mean Victoria’s Secret has even made an award for ‘Sexiest Cyber Star’ which last year was presented to Elin Kling..


So without further ado…


Elin Kling is Sweden’s first superblogger, in fact, she’s one of the biggest superbloggers in the world! Elin’s blog Style By Kling is a updated daily with impossibly effortlessly chic images of Kling dressed in Celine, Maje, Sandro and her very own line for Guess by Marciano!

elin kling denim


For more of Elin’s style check out her blog here


Mira Duma

Miroslava Duma is a Russian it girl and all round super blogger, running Buro 24/7. As I’m in the midst of learning Russian I ‘educate’ myself with my Rosetta Stone textbook sat in front of Buro trying to decipher the posts. Failing that, it’s worth a look for the photos alone! Mira (as she is affectionately known as) and her team collate stories of fashion and beauty goings ons daily. Mira is also the editor at large for Russian Harpers Bazaar, a mother to a two year old and she’s only 25! And she does good FROW.


For more Miroslava visit her website… Buro 24/7

Emily Schuman

There’s nothing I love more than snuggling down with a cup of green tea or latte and reading Cupcakes and Cashmere which follows Emily Schuman’s DIY tips for customising old items of clothing, baking occasion appropriate snacks (I love  her post on Oscars watching snacks!) and generally being inspired by her charmed life. Schuman lives with her husband in the very fashion friendly climate of Los Angeles and posts daily outfit photos (beware- weather jealousy can be expected). As well as blogging daily, re-decorating her house and planning her wedding last year she also had time to pen a book! Her book of the same name as her blog is full of tips for throwing parties, making your home chic and cosy, DIY manicure tips and is an all around great read!

emily schuman

Emily Weiss 

Another Emily! Weiss is the founder of, perhaps, my favourite beauty blog ever Into the Gloss. Having appeared on The Hills once upon a time and given the nickname ‘super intern’, Weiss has definitely lived up to it and more. Into the Gloss makes runway beauty accessible, it makes beauty personal and less about the editorials we see in the pages of magazines. One of my favourite features on the site is ‘On the Top Shelf’ where they interview cool girls and guys alike and take a peak into their bathroom cabinets..Elin Kling’s and Karlie Kloss’ are my favourites! Emily’s own personal style is also documented on the site as she talks us through her fashion month wardrobe and beauty staples. With her recent hair inspiration as Leo Di Caprio circa Romeo and Juliet Weiss can literally do no wrong.

into the gloss weiss

So there you have a snippet of my favourite superblogger’s and their awesome style!


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