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Last week I wrote a post on products worth the hype (here) and this week is a little more negative- products that aren’t worth all the blogger hype and/or money. I feel like these posts are sometimes the most helpful part of blogs, the honesty is useful and it is important for people to share their opinions on brands and products. Here is my little list of products that have left me feeling a little underwhelmed and disappointed…

Chanel nail polishes

Whilst the colours are always on trend the formula is just not up to scratch, the wear time on a Chanel manicure is two days max, which just isn’t good enough. That said I still own a ridiculous number of Chanel polishes as the colours just lure me in time and time again!

Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector

I so wanted to love this product, alas it just did nothing for me or my complexion. Any glow that it did impart evaporates within ten minutes, just leaving yet another layer of ‘stuff’ on my skin and generally making it a little shiny. I love other Clarins products and count it as one of my favourite brands still, but this just did not cut it.

Living Proof Style Extender*

I’d heard rave reviews about this haircare product on the blogosphere for a while now and was thrilled to receive a sample in a Space NK goodie bag, however I  was left a little underwhelmed. The scent was a little masculine and the texture too gooey for my liking, and after using it on and off for two months I can safely proclaim that it does not extend my hairstyles any more so than usual. Sad face.

Weleda Skin Food*

This is a cult blogger favourite, however this just did nothing for me. The scent was too medicinal and the formula was too heavy for me. Definitely too greasy to use for on my face or body (I don’t have time to marinate for half an hour before dressing!) so it’s just hands or elbows, it does a good job of relieving dry patches- but in my opinion not enough to warrant cult status and I personally prefer Nivea hand cream.

Rant over! I’m sure these products work for others, but just not for me even though I wanted to love them all.


*PR sample



  1. July 2, 2013 / 3:24 pm

    Great post! Was actually thinking of trying the Weleda Skin Food, think I might give it a miss now though! x

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