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When Bumble and Bumble’s latest offerings landed on my desk yesterday morning I was more than a little excited, off for an impromptu hair wash I went and afterwards I got down to some serious hair styling. Having long hair is lovely, it’s a little like my security blanket- I did used to have a bob when I was 17 though when I was in my “I want to be Alexa Chung” phase and I have to say I feel much more comfortable and glamorous with longer locks. But the problem with long tresses is that it’s very hard to keep up the levels of volume, and on caucasian girls (or in my case half caucasian girls) the ends get very fine and thin, so I was overjoyed to find out that Bumble and Bumble’s latest releases tackled that very problem.

Having first introduced the Thickening hairspray in 1989 Bumble and Bumble the thickening family has grown and grown with shampoos and serums added into the line over the years. Now they’ve released two new products (and a third one to be released in the Autumn) to complete the range. First up is the Thickening Full Form Mousse* which, when dispersed onto damp roots and lengths, gives 90s supermodel esq volume and thickness. Seriously- I felt like Cindy Crawford. I’ve never been a massive fan of mousses, mainly for that crunchy sticky feeling that lingers on your roots, however this mousse has none of those problems- just great volume. The next product I received was the Thickening Creme Contour* which defines hair without weighing it down and separates ends- you take a small amount and then melt in the palm of your hands before applying to the lengths of freshly styled hair to add even more thickness and volume. The combination of the products literally left me feeling like a supermodel or Cheryl Cole circa 2008- not bad for a rainy Tuesday afternoon!



The products are out now and are £21.50 each!


*PR samples



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