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February is such a conundrum. It’s technically still Winter (and almost always the coldest and grimmest stretch), however Spring is in the not too far distance, and the days are gradually getting longer. To pretend that Spring is nearer than it is I’ve found myself gravitating to pretty things to perk up my day. Here are my current top 3:

This ceramic coffee cup from New Look home was bought for me with the intention of using it (it comes with a rubber top) as a coffee to go mechanism. However its heftiness and prettiness means that I’m too scared to take it out, so instead have been using it as my daily coffee cup. It houses a large (4 shots) almond milk latte and looks so pretty that it gives me such pleasure. I love how little things can perk up your day.

The Geranium Leaf candle from Daylesford was also a birthday present, and what I love about it is the fresh garden like scent. I love keeping it in my kitchen and will put it on in the morning if I’ve been cooking an omelette as it helps negate any overly cooking-y odors. It also smells like Spring.

Lastly, a transitional season fragrance is ideal at this time of year and Jo Malone’s Tuberose and Angelica fragrance is just rich yet light enough for a floral daily fragrance. The bottle is also an absolute pleasure to look at.

Other little twists on prepping your home for Spring include a beautiful fresh room spray and weekly fresh flowers.



  1. February 2, 2015 / 8:52 am

    I’d love to smell the Geranium candle! As a child, we had geraniums in our garden and although I didn’t like the furry leaves, I love the scent. I hope you had a beautiful birthday, Tijan xxx

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