Post Summer Beauty SOS



After a week away on the island of Corsica I’m ready to come home although the beautiful water, food and scenery I’ll miss, my beauty game has seriously slipped.

I’m talking chipped nails and toes, skin that is in urgent need of a DIY facial, hair that has once again come through with the old highlights that need to be taken back to a chocolate brown and just the general desire to jump head first into my Autumn wardrobe. I get back late tonight and have a jam packed few days ahead, kicking off with rock climbing, lunch and a school reunion tomorrow so I’ll be sharing now how I play to de-Summer myself and feel as polished as  possible in just two hours tomorrow.

Step 1: Remove all nail polish from toes and feet, put hair in a pony tail  and rub a conditioning mask through the mid-lengths and ends. If you don’t have a mask then any conditioner will do, or an oil (almond is my favourite). Twizzle up and leave. Then set to work on polishing those nails and toes. For Autumn I want to go straight in with a plum or berry shade, so I’ll probably opt for Maybelline Midnight Red as the consistency is amazing and it’s really easy and quick (not to mention foolproof) to apply. Ditto toes. Whilst waiting for everything to dry I’ll get to work on deciding what to wear, sorting through any holiday photos and so on.

Step 2: Once my nails are dry I’ll jump into the shower and give my hair a proper wash – nothing beats the water at home, it’s what your hair is used to, so I always feel truly “clean” once back in my own shower. I’ll ensure that the oil/mask is all washed out and immediately my hair will feel silky and nourished.

Step 3: Post shower I’ll pop on a mask – my favourite ever for vanquishing oiliness/blemishes is the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask – it’s magic. I’ll leave it on whilst I brush my teeth and use my Dental Active and do a good thorough body moisturise.

Step 4: A full face of makeup (after a week of pretty much being make up free I can’t wait to be reunited with foundation!) and my signature London smokey eye (either Tom Ford Cognac Sable or Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette), rough dry the hair, tong it with my Babyliss tongs and then put my get up on. All done in two hours – de-Summerd and ready for September in London!



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