Perricone MD – Hit & Miss



Perricone MD is a brand that I’ve always thought of as amazingly premium quality but not targeted at my demographic. It’s a brand based on dermatological results and the clean simple packaging and high price points reflect that. One of its key aims is to target signs of ageing, something, which at 23 I’m not too fussed about juuuuust yet. I’ve recently been trying two products from them, one which has transformed my skin and the other which has proven my point that their formulas are slightly too rich for younger skin.

Let’s start off with the product that has knocked my socks off over the last month. Hyalo Plasma is the first product on the market with dermatological levels of Hyaluronic Acid. If you aren’t familiar with HA, in layman’s terms it’s an elixir of hydration that helps settle dehydrated, dry or just agitated skin. Even the oiliest and blemish prone of us could still do with an extra dose of hydration, minus the grease. Hyalo Plasma comes in a jar and is like a jelly serum consistency, something I quite like. I’ve been using it every morning under a simple moisturiser, and my skin feels tight and unhappy when I don’t use it now. My skin laps up all the extra hydration and adores the silky texture that comes not from silicones but from pure hydration. My makeup glides on better and over all blemishes (touch wood) have been severely diminished.

However, the next product – firming eye cream, which states on the jar that it’s hypoallergenic is going straight to my mum. The texture, whilst feeling gorgeously creamy was just too heavy for me and has given me some red milia under my eyes. I think it is designed for someone slightly older, so I’m intrigued to hear my mum’s thoughts, as I no doubt believe that it will be an amazing product when used on the right person.

Have you tried any Perricone? Thoughts?


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