Sunday Stuff – Instant Facial


If there’s one thing that scares me and my skin, it’s the word – exfoliation. My skin seems to hate anything that exfoliates it, breaking out in little red bumps and generally being grumpy. However, I was feeling a little reckless and decided to try the Colbert Intensify Facial Discs after a few recommendations. They come in pre soaked pads with a little handle on them, you rub your face in circular motions for 3-60 seconds up to three times a week. My immediate thought after using them was that my skin felt incredible bright and smooth. The next morning there wasn’t a single ounce of redness, and my skin was just radiant and glowing.

It comes as no surprise seeing as Dr Colbert is a dermatologist to Victoria’s Secret angels and movie stars alike. I think I’ve finally found my answer to exfoliating my skin. Bright, radiant and smoother skin is mine!



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