Part 1-The Guest Beauty Fix by Isabelle Baker

So today’s post is a little different, it’s the start of something new and exciting. I want to do dedicate a post (or in some cases a two parter) twice a month to some of my friends who’s beauty I truly admire, who are comfortable in their own skin and have amazing tips that I’m so excited to share with you, I hereby dub this the first ever Guest Beauty Blend .

Today’s post is from one of my best friends and fellow beauty junkie, Izzy who has completed a makeup course at renowned makeup school Gluaca Rossi, I think she gets the dewy, Clemence Poesy-esq makeup spot on. Izzy and I have travelled the world together (well Moscow, Paris and New York..) and I can always trust her judgement when it comes to products, she knows when to splurge and when to save and she’s agreed to share her secrets with us, so without further a do meet Izzy…



Philip Kingsley


There are so many hair products out there but Kingsley is honestly the best. A cult figure in the hair dressing industry his products are tried  and tested. I use the elasticizer hair mask once or twice a week as a conditioner- it leaves your hair extra glossy and smooth. I use the daily damage defence if I’m blow drying or straightening my hair- it smells amazing.

Hask Hair Oil


I first picked this stuff up in a little chemist in New Zealand. I’ve been a little skeptical of the hair oil fad since morrocan oil came out – which I thought was all hype and not actually any good. But this hair oil has  turned out to be one of my favourite products and it’s super cheap! You just rub a dab of it through wet hair before drying or use a bit to tame your mane if your having a frizzy day! Leaves you with an amazing shine.

Clairol Colourseal Gloss


This a great little bargain product. You find it in the hair dye section of the chemist it’s an extra intense conditioner for only 99p and lasts about 4 washes ( and I have quite lone hair) leaves your hair feeling great and there are different versions for different hair colours


YSL Forever Youth Liberator 

YSL izzy

I use the YSL forever youth liberator range. All the products smell amazing and really do work. The quantity is generous so although its a bit pricey you get product for your money I’ve had the face wash for 3 months now and it’s no were near running out get! The serum is my favourite it sinks in so well and makes a visible difference to your skin quality. I highly recommend this range!

Jurlique Face Oil

jurlique face oil izzy

Face oil work really well if your face is extra dried out! This oil is especially lovely made from all things natural. With rosehip, calendula  and jojoba oil it smells great and is extra charming to the skin. It’s very light weight and doesn’t feel at all greasy.

Maybelline BB Cream


A bargain product at just £8. Really nice light nourishing tinted moisturiser that gives good but light coverage perfect for the summer or for topping up your coverage through the day. Gives a great healthy glow!

Armani makeup


My obsession at the moment Armani are making some of the best products on the market! With years of scientific research behind them. The maestro foundation is great and light, the colours are great and are the perfect skin tone match. Their concealer are also the best I’ve used -totally erasing and blemishes or blotches with out having to use too much product. They also do great cream blushes that blend out really well.


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