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OP sure does know the importance of a good manicure – case in point, the instagram video that her new fiance Johannes Hueble posted the other day to announce their engagement, there was Olivia sauntering through a tropical wonderland and then BOOM a close up of the ring, although I was more beguiled by her gorgeous talons.

Olivia has stayed faithful to bright red nails for the best part of 6 or 7 years, I mean sure she strays and sometimes changes it up a little, but she always goes back to the bright red. There’s something about it which works all year round, pulls together a look instantly and is just really really cool. OP is careful to choose just the right shade of red, an iota off and it could stray into Joan Collins territory. The day after new years day aka the day after Johannes posted the video, I went on a mission to colour match the perfect bright red, I ended up coming home with Essie Lacquered Up. Just the right amount of orange, just the right amount of pop but still a classic red. It also feels like the perfect colour to start 2014 with. What’s your favourite fail safe nail colou?


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