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I thought I’d whip this blog post together based on the fact that I realised last week that in May it will have been one whole year since any bleach of any kind has touched my hair, and this month marks 6 months since any colour of any kind has touched my hair. I’ve been letting my hair do its thang, after desperately darkening it to get it as close to my natural dark brown for the wedding (weeding out those pesky highlights that kept creeping through), I’ve just let it be.

It’s now a very very subtle ombre effect, I have my natural colour which has grown out quite a lot, and the old highlights which were dyed dark have lightened ever so slightly to a medium/light brown, and towards the back where I didn’t used to highlight too much, it’s pretty much all my natural colour. When I chopped four/five inches off my locks in January, out went the lightest parts, so now I’m left with an overall quite dark colour that is pretty much 70% natural. So, what have I noticed since I’ve stopped colouring?

1) My hair is shinier and thicker.

2) It gets greasier easier, when you have highlights/balayage/anything that contains bleach, for some reason hair looks less greasy because of the lighter colour and also it gets less greasy because the hair is drier from the bleach.

3) I have more money! The biggest change is that I’m not shelling out every few months or so for colour touch ups, I wince at the thought of how much money I spent at salons over the years.

4) No more orange. When dark haired girls lighten their hair it is only a matter of time before warmer tones seep into even the most ashy of shades. I went through that phase when the old highlights were trying to break past the new dark dye, and weirdly I’m now out on the other side. If you leave your hair to its own device, it sorts itself out – as weird as that sounds. Any brassiness or auburn/warmer shades have quite simply stopped, and my hair has far more cooler tones now.

5) I now want to blonder. Obviously. That’s just the way life goes right? You struggle for a year to get your hair to the perfect place – hair nirvana – then of course you want to go and mess it all up! I’m going to wait until June though and see if I still want a little bit of balayage for the Summer!

Who else is a hair colour addict who’s (semi) beaten their addiction?



  1. Ella
    March 11, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    LOVED this post. I am a hair addict and like you and have been everything from super blonde to super dark and ombre in-between. You seriously have the nicest hair now, I also cut mine and am dark like you. Deffo my hairspiration haha. X x

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