New and improved Effaclar Duo (+)



Effaclar Duo was one of my star skincare discoveries of 2013. I used it morning and night from April to August last year and my skin never looked better, maybe it is quite telling that when I stopped using it (other products beckoned) my skin broke out worse than it has ever done.

So I’m back on the Effaclar bandwagon and just in time for the new and improved Effaclar Duo (+) which is exactly the same as the original but better. The better part comes courtesy of an ingredient called procerad, which is patented to La Roche Posay. It helps soothe any redness and inflammation immediately as well as preventing any excessive production of melonin, which essentially means that it tackles the dark marks which nasty pesky spots (pimples/zits/blemishes whichever you prefer!) leave behind long after they’ve gone.

I’ve only used the new formula a few times and one thing I can say is that it seems to work at a supersonic speed. My skin looks noticeably clearer the morning after using it – huge happy face. In the run up to my wedding I’ll be sure to have a tube of this on standby for any bad skin days that may arise from lack of sleep/stress of bad eating habits.

What I love so much about Effaclar is that it doesn’t strip or irritate your skin like other ‘acne’ products, it soothes, hydrates and  decongests the skin and also makes the most gorgeous base for makeup in the AM. As my skin is oily and dehydrated – hello Miss combination 2014, I do have to put a little bit of cream on after using (LRP Toleriane Ultra FYI), so think of it like a serum if you’re dry/dehydrated/combination and if you’re on the normal/oily side of things it could be emollient enough to use on its own.

Effaclar Duo (+) is out now and is RRP £15.50


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